1.     Legacy Program:  Manage local instrument donations. Many of the instruments we provide to individuals are donated to us so that we can regrant them.  Affiliates near a local donor help with the intake of instruments on our behalf, and in some cases, redistribute them to local recipients in your area. This entails a few formalities with the donor, inspecting the instrument, registering it with us, tuning up and possibly making some repairs. Ideal Affiliates for this are Violin Shops with a physical locale that donors can visit. 

2.     Strings For Change Program:  Collect instrument strings and supplies from your community. New and used strings donated by symphony and opera orchestras, or by music shops (particularly those that have rental programs) can be given a second life in the hands of musicians who have limited access to strings.  We centrally gather all collected strings, prepare them for re-use, and finally distribute strings, bows and sometimes even full outfits to programs in countries where they are desperately needed, such as Argentina, Cuba, Kenya, Venezuela, India, and many others across the world.

3.     Annual Grant Program: Service the instruments at music programs in your area. As a local violinmaker volunteer, you can help deploy new instruments to programs we support, follow up with an annual condition inspection and tune up, and make occasional repairs as needed. Affiliates can also help identify and qualify programs eligible for support and bring them 

4. Master Collection: Donated Instruments of the highest quality as well as concert-grade models lent to the collection by living violinmakers are matched with rising talent and emerging professionals. Affiliates can showcase their own work in the master collection, help qualify donated instruments, and assist with the process of matching instruments with players.

How you can benefit from this:

1.     For material costs and work-related expenses incurred while supporting The Open String, you can obtain a receipt which may qualify for a tax deduction. 

2.     You will be listed on our website as an affiliate with a back link to your website(s). 

3.    You are participating in the education of future generations of musicians, thereby contributing to a vibrant musical life and interest which ultimately benefits all of us in this business.

4. Last but not least, you are joining a growing community of passionate, like-minded craftspeople who share a passion and a good cause.


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