Well-maintained, fine instruments are essential for the success of any player. Not having an instrument in the first place denies students the opportunity to achieve excellence. Broken or neglected instruments sap motivation and interest. Outgrown instruments hamper progress and dampen rising stars. These problems are faced too often by young music students, graduates, and young professionals in already underfunded music programs and institutions.

On the frontline, many free music programs and youth orchestras lack good tools needed to grow and thrive, in spite of amazing resourcefulness. Lacking funds and expertise, they often rely on a mélange of donated and low quality instruments that can pose numerous problems:

  • Salvaged and requiring repairs
  • Poor sound
  • Won’t stay in tune
  • Hard to play
  • Inconsistency of quality distracts kids
  • Complicates teacher’s job
  • Built from low-grade materials
  • Nefarious workshop conditions
  • Toxic varnish residue
  • Unsustainably harvested materials


The Open String sources only durable, well-crafted quality instruments from trusted partner workshops that use non-toxic, sustainably harvested materials and offer safe, fair working conditions.

100% of all gross proceeds from our fundraising go towards sourcing new instruments for our supported programs.