Support for music education programs



Each Fall, The Open String helps new and existing afterschool programs that teach music for free to children in need. Qualified programs may receive the following:

- Up to 25 new, high-quality instruments (violin, viola, cello) in different sizes for youth students.
- Up to 50 sets of strings for violin, viola, cello, and bass.

The quantity donated depends on the demonstrated need of programs and the number of students they serve. We give preference to programs with the following qualifications:

1) is a non-profit organization or has a fiscal sponsor
2) provides free music education to children
4) dedicated to serving more than 25 students on a regular basis.


For programs that we cannot assist with a grant, we may nevertheless be able to help purchase new, quality instruments by sharing the cost and offering wholesale pricing. Please contact us for more information.


Support for individuals 



On a case-by-case basis, we lend higher quality, concert-grade instruments to advanced individual musicians who show talent and deserve a great tool to further grow and develop as performers. These are usually 3- to 5-year arrangements during which the borrower serves as an ambassador for The Open String. The instruments used by ambassadors are higher value instruments donated to the program by previous owners or by modern makers who are affiliates of The Open String.


We frequently receive donations of used instruments that can serve well for beginning and intermediate students. The Open String repairs these if warranted and donates them to qualifying applicants who demonstrate need.


To request support, please click on the black buttons above and follow instructions.