Donating TO The Open String

Is my cash donation tax-deductible?

Yes. The Open String is an IRS-approved 501(c)3 charity, qualified to receive tax-deductible donations.  Cash donations give us the flexibility to work with all our constituents. You can donate here or mail a check to: The Open String Inc, 523 E12th, Suite 16, New York, NY 10009

What is The Open String's Federal Tax ID number?


How can I donate an instrument to The Open String?

We accept stringed instruments in playing or near playable conditions.  WE CANNOT GIVE APPRAISALS FOR DONATED INSTRUMENTS.  If the donor needs a receipt for tax purposes for a donated instrument s/he can obtain an insurance appraisal (different from an authentication appraisal which can cost a percentage of the appraised value).  An insurance appraisal can be obtained from most local stringed instrument dealer at modest cost.

We also accept donations of accessories (strings, shoulder rests, bows, cases and such).


Donations FROM The Open String

What kind of donations does TOS make?

At the moment we donate instruments to educational programs.  We focus on string programs in areas where children who would otherwise not have access to music education can play on instruments that we make available to such programs. We do this in several ways: 

1.  ANNUAL GRANT: We source new, quality instruments and donate them directly to qualifying organizations.
2. PARTNER PROGRAM: We buy new instruments and lend them to programs, typically for 2-4 years.  This applies to programs that are new and establishing a sustainable presence.  If the program lasts for the duration of the lending period, the instruments will become the property of the program.  If the program fails we will take the instruments back and place them with another program. 
3. REGRANTING PROGRAM: When instruments have been donated to us, we check their condition, make necessary repairs and then place them with programs as outlined in 1. and 2.  Our affiliated violinmakers as well as members of Luthiers Sans Frontieres assist us in such cases. 
4. COST SHARING: We share the cost of instruments with the organization that applies.  The music program will still have the benefit of our expertise in selection and follow up, and our ability to source the best quality for a reasonable price.  In this case, however, where the music program can afford to participate financially, we will finance an agreed-upon part of the respective order.

Can individual musicians apply for donated instruments?

We focus mainly on supporting other organizations and are currently limited in our ability to lend or gift instruments to individuals, but we encourage inquiries as we occasionally have instruments donated to us that can be lent or granted to individual recipients.

What follow-up does The Open String provide after granting instruments? 

Our violinmaking affiliates visit the music programs that have received instruments from us. Included in this follow-up is our effort to teach the program instructors basic maintenance skills so that they can take care of simple repairs and adjustments.

How can my program receive support from The Open String?

Call or email us with your request and information about your situation.  Typically we will send a form application, and also ask for additional materials (description of the program, written brochures, web-site information, photos and videos that help us vet the organization.  Wherever possible we will visit and meet with the head of the program to which we donate.

Are there geographic limits as to where The Open String donates?  

No.  We strive to provide assistance where it is needed.  Funding permitting, we send instrument kits anywhere where we can reach those in need and vet the organizations that meet those needs.