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Contact Name
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Please supply a summary outline of your project and address the following: O Mission Statement O Scope and Size O Budget for last 3 years O Population Served O Qualifications of Team O Timeline of year 2 O Program(s) offered O Other Local Programs O Funding (existing and future) O Criteria for student admission O Strategy for Success O Student & Teacher Policy
For USA only: 501c3 status *
Is your organization a 501(c)3 non-profit? If Yes, please provide a copy of your Letter of Determination from the IRS. If you have a fiscal sponsor, please identify and provide a copy of your sponsorship agreement.
Cases are supplied with every instrument. Strings and replacement parts can be supplied through the maintenance program with our maker affiliates. Rosin is not provided by TOS.
What date does your program begin?
What date does your program begin?
I have read and understood the Grant Guidelines and its terms. I understand that this application is not a binding contract for any party and that The Open String reserves the right to deny a partnership to any applicant, qualified or not. I hereby certify that all information provided in this form is accurate and true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that misrepresentation in this application and any of the supporting materials may lead to immediate disqualification from this and any other program offered by The Open String.
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